Seedling Nursery

A home from home for your unique and individual child

The nursery is open from 8am-6pm, 51 weeks of the year and is located at Family Tree in new, purpose-built room. The premises presents parents with a unique environment for children aged 9 months to 5 years old. We take Childcare Vouchers and have spaces for Early Years Education funding for three plus.

Seedling Day Nursery is a small community of 12 children (age 9 months to 3+ years) that will come together throughout the day, collaborating in the everyday activities of life, building their skills and independence as they go. 

In the nursery they will learn to make decisions, to persevere, gain self-discipline, experience success and consider the needs of others. These qualities are not taught, but emerge naturally within a community of children of mixed ages, alongside adults who combine love with knowledge of how children grow.